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Committee to Examine


Voted, That the Rev˙ Dr˙ Haven have and receive out of the Treasury twenty Pounds, for his, good services amongst our Soldiers at Piscataqua up to this time; and that the President of the Council give order on the Treasurer for payment thereof.

Voted, That a, form of a Proclamation for a Publick Fast throughout this Colony, now read in this House, be forthwith printed, and dispersed throughout this Colony.

Voted, That Mr˙ Lovewell, Captain Moulton, David Gilman, Esq˙,John Dudley, Esq˙, and James Betton, Esq˙, be a Committee of this House, to join a Committee of the honourable Board, to examine into the matters of dispute between Colonel Samuel Hobart, Paymaster of the Troops of this Colony, and Colonel John Stark and other, and to make report to this House as soon as may be.

Voted, To choose a Committee of three members of this House, to Confer with a Committee from the honourable Board, about the appointment of Tobias Leigton for an


Ensign, in the room of William Stillson, and make report as soon as may be; and that Captain Worthen, Mr˙ John Bell, and John Mc Clary, Esq˙, be the Committee for that purpose.

Upon reading a Petition of a number of the Inhabitants of New-Market, against Lieutenant-Colonel Jeremiah Folsom, (before the Council and House,) and the parties being heard thereon,

The House adjourned till to-morrow morning, at eight o' clock.