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Meeting of the Albany General Committee:Henry Wendell recommended for Sheriff, and Matthew Visscher for Clerk, of Albany, in case a new form of Government shall take place in the Colony



Albany General Committee-Chamber,June 14, 1776:

Present —

Abraham Yates, Jun˙, Chairman.

First Ward. — John Barelay, John Price, Myndert Roseboom, John Williams, Jacob Roseboom, Jun.

Second Ward. — Jeremiah Van Rensselaer, Rutger Bleecker, John J˙ Beekman.

Third Ward. — Dirck Ten Broeck, John M˙ Beekman, Isaac Van Clernam, Abraham Yates, Jun.

Scheneclady. — Cornelius Van Dyck, Harmanus H˙ Wendell, Cornelius A˙ Van Slyck, John A˙ Bratt.

West Side Manor Rensselaer. — Anthony Van Schaick, Philip P˙ Schuyler, Henry Quackenbush, Cornelius G˙ Vandenburgh, Bastian T˙ Visscher, David McCarty, Barent Mynderke, Philip VanVechten, Francis Nicoll.

East Side Manor Rensselaer.— Killian Van Rensselaer, John H˙ Beekman, James Magee, Rynier Van Alstyn, Frederick Berger, George White, Jacob C˙ Schermerhorn.

King' s District. — Malthew Adgate, John Beebe.

Coxsacky. — John L˙ Bronck, William Van Bergen.

Grote Imboght. — John Van Orden, Goose Van Schaick.

Manor Livingston. — Peter R˙ Livingston, Walter Livingston, Dirck Jansen, Samuel Ten Breeck.

German Camp. — Wessel Ten Broeck, Peter Sharp.

Schoharie. — Johannes Ball, Peter Becker.

Sarutoga. — John Taylor, Joseph Row.

Half-Moon. — Kutger Lansing, Wilhelmus Van Antwerp.

Schaghtekocke. — Michael Van Dercook, Lewis Van Antwerp, Nathaniel Ford.

Ballston. — Hezekiah Middebrooks.

Claverack. — Henry J˙ Van Rensselaer, James Sexton, Stephen Graves.

Hosick. —Jacob Auderkerke, Fenner Palmer.

Cambridge. — John Younglove.

Mr˙Henry Wendell applied to this Board for their recommendation (in case a new form of Government should take place in this Colony) for the sheriffship of this City and County, and Mr˙Matthew Visscher made the same application for the clerkship of the said City and County; and, thereupon, this Board unanimously agree to recommend those gentlemen to the Provincial Congress, as persons, both in principles and abilities, fit for the different offices they have severally applied for.

Extract from the Minutes:

ABRAHAM YATES, Jun˙,Chairman.