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General Heath to General Washington



Camp at Cambridge, February 22, 1776.

MAY IT PLEASE YOUR EXCELLENCY: I some time since reported that Colonels Prescott and Phinney had chosen the Reverend Mr˙ Foster for the Chaplain for those regiments. This choice is but temporary, as it is at present uncertain whether Mr˙ Foster can be absent from his own Parish for more than a month or two. I now beg leave further to report, that Colonels Greaton and Baldwin have made choice of the Reverend Mr˙ Barnum for the Chaplain of their regiments.

Having five regiments in the brigade under my command. Colonel Sargent finds it difficult to join another regiment, at present; and, as there are nine regiments in the camp at Roxbury, one of them must, of necessity, join with some regiment in this camp, and, as the situation of Colonel Prescott' s regiment seems to point out that as the most proper one, it has been proposed that such a junction take place, and that Colonel Sargent and Colonel Phinney should join. This, however, seems at present a little embarrassed, on account of the uncertainty of Mr˙ Foster' s continuing the whole campaign.

All which is humbly submitted, by your Excellency' s most humble servant,
W˙ HEATH, Brigadier-General.

To His Excellency General Washington.