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Philadelphia Committee



Committee Chamber, October 31, 1775.

The Sub-Committee appointed to receive and determine on applications for liberty to ship Provisions, &c˙, reported, that Captain Zebulon Baker, of Sloop Betsey, had applied for permission to load Flour, &c˙, for Kennebeck, and that they had forbid any immediate proceeding therein,


and referred the determination thereon to the General Committee.

The Committee examined the certificate produced by Captain Baker, and some difficulties arising, on a full consideration thereof, and it appearing that the said vessel is owned by Mr˙ Abiel Wood, of Pownalborough, who stands convicted of being an enemy to his Country, by the Committee of the place where he lives; and Captain Baker' s answers to sundry questions proposed by the Sub-Committee not having been satisfactory:

Resolved, That as it is the duty of all persons and Committees to concur with their brethren in opinion and practice, the Sub-Committee have judged well in not permitting said vessel to be loaded; and that, in the opinion of this Committee, we ought not to have any dealings or connections whatever with said Abiel Wood, or his agents in his behalf.

Mr˙ Pelatiah Webster appeared, on notice, and having given what information he could respecting Mr˙ Wood, and produced the proceedings of certain other Committees in Mr˙ Wood' s case, this Committee are of opinion the said proceedings deserve no attention, and adhere to their judgment.