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Petition of a Number of Inhabitants of Marbletown


To the Honourable the Provincial Congress for the Province of NEW-YORK

The Petition of JOSIAH ROBERSON, JOHANNES TACK, &c˙, of MARBLETOWN, in the County of ULSTER, and Province of NEW-YORK, humbly showeth:

That whereas the Township of Marbletown formerly contained a sufficient number of men for three distinct Companies of Militia, which, although increased since that time have, by the Committee of said Town, for local conveniences,


only divided into two Beats or Districts, and now forms two Companies, of upwards of one hundred men each. And whereas certain dissatisfactions have arisen, about the choice of a Captain in the Southwest District of said Township, which we humbly conceive may have an evil tendency to disunite the good people of this town, if some suitable remedy be not applied in time.

And whereas it is judged that the most effectual method for removing dissatisfaction from amongst us would be to raise a Company of Grenadiers, under the command of Charles W˙ Broadhead, Captain, Jacob Delamater, First Lieutenant, Moses M˙ Cantine, Second Lieutenant, and Jacob Chambers, Ensign.

We therefore (having obtained the previous approbation of the Commanding Officer of this Regiment, together with the Committee, and the Officers of the Militia of said Township) humbly pray, that we may be embodied into a Company of Grenadiers, in said Regiment, and that the said Charles W˙ Broadhead, Jacob Delamater, Moses M˙ Cantine, and Jacob Chambers, may be commissioned as above-mentioned, And your Petitioners shall ever pray.

Jacob J˙ Freer,
Benoni Mulks,
Cornelius Tack,
Thos˙ Schoonmaker,
John Sluyter,
Johannes G˙ Rosa,
Dirck Chambers,
James Mekemson,
John Raplegh,
William Cantine,
Solomon Vandemerk,
Thomas Chambers,
Arie Tack,
Isaac Robison,
John Cusnehan,
Joseph Chambers,
John Roosa,
Martinus Oosterhout,
Harma' s Oosterhout,
J˙ A˙ Van Wagener,
Peter Van Wagener,
Johannes Krom,
William Krom,
Jacob Rapelya,
John Van Demerken,
Wilhelmus Roosa,
Lues Brodhead,
Mindert Newkirk,
Peter P˙ Oosterhout,
John Davis,
James Robison,
Samuel Brodhead,
Levi Pawling, Jun˙,
John McKenry,
Johan˙Van Leuven,
David Hetkim,
Daniel Mowers,
Petrus Mowers,
William Love,
Edward Deval,
Aldert Roosa,
William Hardy,
John Cantine, Jun˙,
Robert Has,
Abraham Saler,
Daniel Schoonmaker,
Samuel Dodge.

Marbletown, March, 1776

Marbletown, March, 1776.