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Governour Tryon to the Mayor of New-York



New-York, October 13, 1775.

SIR: From undoubted authority from the City of Philadelphia, the Continental Congress have recommended it to the Provincial Congress to seize or take up the officers of this Government, and particularly myself, by name. I am therefore to desire you will inform the Corporation and citizens of this City, that I place my security here in their protection; that when that confidence is withdrawn, by any seizure of my person, the Commander of His Majesty' s ships of war in the harbour will demand that the inhabitants deliver me on board the fleet; and on refusal, enforce the demand with their whole power. Therefore, anxious to prevent, if possible, so great a calamity to this City, as well as inconvenience to myself, I am ready, should the voice of the citizens be unfavourable to my staying among them, immediately to embark on board the Asia, requesting that the citizens will defeat every attempt that may be made to hinder my removal, with my domesticks and effects, should that be their wish, since I returned to this Province with every honourable intention to serve them, consistent with my bounden duty to my Sovereign. I am, Sir, your very obedient servant,


To Whitehead Hicks, Esq˙, Mayor of the City of New-York.