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Affidavit of William Bradley, a Midshipman of the Gaspee


Affidavits of WILLIAM BRADLEY, LEVI SOLOMONS, and JAMES MORRISON, concerning Colonel ALLEN' S treatment.

I, the subscriber, being of lawful age, do testify and say, that a gentleman known by the name of Colonel Allen was brought on board the Gaspee man-of-war, then lying before the Town of Montreal, some time in the month of September, 1775, and, pursuant to the orders of Captain Ryall, who then commanded said ship, I put a pair of irons on said Allen' s legs, which he wore for seven or eight days, during which he was kept by the Boatswain' s cabin. Afterwards, the irons were taken off his legs in the morning, and handcuffs were put on his hands, which was the practice for some considerable time. Then only one leg was ironed in the night, and handcuffs in the day. Further saith not.


Midshipman on board the Gaspee.

Sworn before me, at Head-Quarters in Montreal, this 14th day of February, 1776.

DAVID WOOSTER, Brigadier-General.

The above is a true copy of the original Deposition.


Secretary to Major-General Schuyler.