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Manifesto of Captain John Symons


Fulmouth, November 1, 1775.

Captain John Symons, commander of His Majesty' s Ship Cerberus, hereby causeth it to be signified and made known, to all persons whatever in the Town of Falmouth, as well as the country adjacent, that if, after this publick notice, any violences shall be offered to any of the officers of the Crown, or other peaceably disposed subjects of. His Majesty; or if any bodies of men shall be raised and armed in the said Town and country adjacent, or any military works erected, otherwise than by order of His Majesty, or those acting under his authority; or if any attempts shall be made to seize or destroy any publick magazines of arms, ammunition, or other stores, it will be indispensably my duty to proceed with the most vigorous efforts against the said Town, as in open rebellion against the King. And if, after this signification, the Town shall persist in the rebellious acts abovementioned, they may depend on my proceeding accordingly.

And I do hereby also make known, that if any officers of the Colonies, belonging to the Crown, or any of His Majesty' s subjects whatever, who may be compelled, by the violences of the people, to seek an asylum, that they may repair on board His Majesty' s Ship Cerberus, where they will receive every protection in rny power.


GOD save the King.