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One hundred Pounds paid on account of goods lately purchased by John R. Livingston, at Boston


The Committee to whom was referred the Letter of Mr˙ John R˙ Livingston respecting goods purchased by him in Boston for this State, and also the arms brought from Long-Island, report, that those goods are much wanted for the use of the soldiers to be raised in this State, and that it is necessary they be brought here from Boston with all convenient speed, for which purpose your Committee recommend that James Weeks be appointed to go to Boston and receive Mr˙ Livingston' s order on Mr˙ for these goods; and that the sum of one hundred pounds be delivered to him by the Treasurer of this State, that he may be enabled to bring or hire teams for the transportation of those goods in the cheapest and best manner.

As to the arms brought from Long-Island to Connecticut by Colonel Livingston, your Committee are informed that Mr˙ L' Hommedieu will soon go into Connecticut, and take such measures respecting the same as the Committee of Safety direct.

Whereupon it was Resolved and Ordered, That the Treasurer of this State pay to Jacob Cuyler, Ezra L' Hommedieu, and John Moore, Esquires, the sum of £100, on account, for the purpose of transporting the goods lately purchased by John R˙ Livingston, Esq˙, at Boston, on account of this State, to this place, and for the purpose of transporting the Arms belonging to the inhabitants of Nassau Island, and brought into Connecticut by Colonel Livingston to this place.