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Letters from Colonel Dickinson and General Merce


Monday, August 12, 1776, A˙ M.

The Convention met pursuant to adjournment.

A Letter from Colonel Dickinson, informing of the desertion of two soldiers of his Battalion, was read, and ordered to be referred to the Council of Safety.

Letters from General Mercer and Colonel Dickinson, relative to the desertions of the Militia, were, by order of Congress, laid before this House.

Mr˙ Vice President, Colonel Matlack, and Colonel Slagle, were chosen, by ballot, Commissioners to go to Head Quarters in Jersey, to form the Flying-Camp.

A Petition from Major Loxley was read, praying this House would be pleased to appoint a Committee for him to consult with on the business committed to his charge : upon consideration the same was referred to the Council of Safety.

The House resumed the consideration of the Report of the Committee appointed to fix the quotas of the four additional Battalions for the Flying-Camp; and, upon motion, it was

Resolved, That the House do approve of the same.

The said Report is as follows, viz:

The City of Philadelphia, 628 men.
The County of Philadelphia, 160 "
" " Bucks, 100 "
" " Chester, 160 "
" " Lancaster, 323 "
" " Berks, 240 "
" " York, 515 "
" " Northampton, 278 "
" " Cumberland, 580 "

Moved and Resolved, That the Secretary furnish the Members of this House for the several Counties in this State with copies of the Resolves of last Saturday, in order that they may be transmitted to the several Committees, and by them to the Commanding Officers of the several Battalions.

Adjourned to four o' clock, P˙ M.

The House met pursuant to adjournment.

On motion, Resolved, That an Order be drawn on the Council of Safety of this State, for £10,000, in favour of the Commissioners appointed to go to Head-Quarters in Jersey, to form the Flying-Camp; which money is to be applied by them to that service.

On motion, Resolved, That no Associator of, or belonging to this State, inlist any men to serve in the Flying-Camp, for any other County or City than that to which he belongs, until the quotas of such County or City is completed.

The Petitions of the Captains of the Galleys of this State being read, it was thereupon

Resolved, That Mr˙ Schlosser, Colonel Hill, Mr˙ Samuel Smith, Mr˙ John Mackey, Colonel Lowrey, Mr˙ Edgar, Mr˙ M' Clain, Colonel Morgan, Colonel Stroud, Mr˙ Thomas Coulter, Colonel William Cook, and Mr˙ Edward Cook, be a Committee to hear the Petitioners on the subject-matter of their Petitions; and the said Committee are desired to take the earliest opportunity of attending to this business.

Two Ordinances respecting the sale of Salt and Tea, were read the first time, and ordered to lie on the table for a second reading.

Adjourned to nine o' clock to-morrow morning.