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Resolves of the New-Jersey Convention



In Convention of the State of New Jersey, Brunswick, August 3, 1776.

Whereas, by the arrival of the enemy in the neighbourhood of this State, the burden is become much greater to the Militia thereof, numbers being obliged to leave their families, and to march to the defence of their country, so that former Ordinances for regulating the Militia are become inadequate, it being highly just and equitable, proportionally to increase the sums formerly directed to be paid by those who refuse to bear arms for the protection of the State; and also to inflict greater punishments on those who, although they have associated, or been directed to be enrolled for the defence of their country, yet neglect to attend on days appointed for mustering, and are unwilling, at this time of great danger, to step forth with their countrymen to oppose the enemies of freedom: It is, therefore,

Resolved and Ordained, That all able-bodied persons, between the ages of sixteen and fifty years, who, on any account, refuse to bear arms, do pay, as an equivalent for their actual service, the sum of 20s. Proclamation money, monthly, and every month, during the present alarming time, and until proper measures shall be taken by the future Legislature to render the burden and expense equal to the inhabitants of this State; and that all persons directed to be enrolled by


former Ordinances, both Officers and Privates, who neglect to attend on days of muster, do pay double the sums directed by an Ordinance of the late Congress, bearing date the 28th day of October, 1775; all which sums shall be recovered and applied by the Officers of the Militia, in such manner as the aforesaid Ordinance directs with respect to the fines inflicted on Officers and Privates of the Militia, without regard to religious denominations, anything in said Ordinance to the contrary notwithstanding.

Resolved further, That all persons between the ages of sixteen and fifty years, directed to be enrolled as aforesaid, who shall neglect to attend when called upon at the time of an alarm, or, when ordered to meet, in consequence of a requisition of the Deputies, Commander-in-Chief, or any of the Brigadier-Generals of this State, for the purpose of raising levies for the Army, or detaching part of the Militia for the defence of the States, or who shall refuse to march when detached in their proper turn, or to provide persons to march in their stead, do pay, if a Colonel, £20, a Lieutenant-Colonel £15, a Major £12, a Captain £8, a Lieutenant and Ensign £6, Non-Commissioned Officers and Privates £3, for every such neglect, to be recovered in manner aforesaid, and to be applied as follows: The fines of Field-Officers to be equally divided among the Non Commissioned Officers and Privates of the detachment which marches from the Battalion, and the fines of Captains, Subalterns, Non-Commissioned Officers and Privates, to be equally divided among the Non-Commissioned Officers and Privates of the detachment which marches from the Company to which the delinquents respectively belong.

Extract from the Minutes:
WM˙ PATERSON, Secretary.