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Letter from the Committee of Suffolk County


A Letter from William Smith, Chairman of the Committee of Suffolk County, was read and filed, and is in the words following, to wit:

"Suffolk County, August 31, 1775.

GENTLEMEN: Your letter of the 25th of this instant we have received, wherein you recommend that we place two Companies of Minute-Men at Montauk, and one at or near Shelter-Island. There are no Companies of Minute-Men yet formed in this County; and, when formed, we on to be stationed at those places, as those persons at the are of opinion that such Companies cannot be prevailed east end of the County, who could be spared from their families, are already enlisted in the service of the Continent, and the western part of the County are unwilling


that any persons should go from them, on account of the danger of the enemy and the people in an adjacent County. We are exceedingly sorry that we shall be unable to protect the stock at the east end from the ravages of our enemies, when the Troops are all gone from us. The stock is taken from Gardiner' s and Plumb Islands. The hay on Gardiner' s Island we judge will be of no service to General Gage, if they cannot get stock, as they took no more than just sufficient to keep the stock to Boston, and said they wanted no more. We beg leave to observe to you, that this County is under considerable disadvantages, on account of having no Post that rides through Long-Island, and should be exceedingly glad if a Post might be established, in such manner as your honourable House shall direct.

We are, Gentlemen, your most obedient and very humble servants.

By order: WILLIAM SMITH, Chairman.

To the Honourable P˙ V˙ B˙ Livingston, Esq˙, President of the Provincial Congress, New-York."