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Signers in Hawke



Moses Colbey,
David Quimby,
Reuben True,
Henry Dearborn,
Thos˙ Stow Ramsey,
Jeremy Towle,
Abraham Chase,
Thomas Page,
John Selly,
Jonathan French,
John Page,
Henrv Elkins,
Caleb Towle,
John San born,
Jethro Sanborn,
Timothy Brown,
Jonathan Sauborn,
Abraham Darling,
Gideon Sawyer,
David Tilton,
Elisha Bachelder,
Josiah Bachelder,
Richard Nason,
Peter Elkins,
Jedediah Philbrick,
Humphrey Hook,
James Towle,
Jos˙ Clifford Sanborn,
Joseph Brown,
Jabez Page,
Thomas Chelis,
Timothy Worth,
Jonathan French, Jr˙,
Sam˙ Paul Dudly,
Ebeoezer Walker,
Joseph Tucker,
Edward Eastman,
Matthias Pellew,
Barnet Thorn,
Joseph Barron,
Samuel Sargent,
Samuel Fellows,
Joseph Collins,
Nehemiah Sleeper,
Samuel March,
Nathaniel Brown,
Naithan Jones,
Ezra Jones,
Nalhan Jones, Jun˙,
Jonathan Jones,
Muses Quimby,
Asa Flanders,
Isaac Flanders,
Jacob Eastman,
Samuel Eastman,
Stephen Eastman,
Henry Morrill,
Israel Dimond,
Hezekiah Blake,
Jonathan Blake,
Jonathan Blake, Jr˙,
Josiah Foxbery,
Laac Clifford,
William George,
Jonathan dough,
Joseph Williams,
Aaron Quimby,
Ames Campall,
Samuel duimby,
James Sawyer,
Jabez Eaton,
David Flanders,
William Busel,
Eliphelet Haye,
Benjamin Eastman,
George Barlett,
James Lowell.

In pursuance to the within request, we have shown this Declaration to all the inhabitants of this Parish, and all have signed, except Joseph Jones, Hezekiah Sleeper, Joseph Sweat, and Trostum Collins. The above named persons are called Quakers, and refuse to take up arms.

MOSES COLBY, Selectmen of Hawke.
DAVID QUIMBY, Selectmen of Hawke.
REUBEN TRUE, Selectmen of Hawke.

Hawke, June 7, 1776.