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Affidavit of Benjamin Cole II and James Mason


Swanzey, September 5, 1775.

We, Benjamin Cole, 2d, and James Mason, of Swanzey, of lawful age, testify and say, that we were at a Town-meeting in Swanzey, on Monday following the battle of Bunker' s Hill, where a motion was made and seconded to raise a Minute Company, to be ready on the shortest notice, for the defence of our Country, which was opposed by Colonel Jerathmeel Bowers; notwithstanding it was voted. After which the said Bowers said much about no men being wanted, and that many would be sent back that were gone; and then it was moved to reconsider the said vote, and it was done; after which it was moved to enlist as many of the Militia of the Town of Swanzey, in order to be ready on the shortest notice, for the defence of the Country, and to allow them eighteen Pence a-piece for every half day that they should exercise by order of the Selectmen of the Town; and the above-said Bowers opposed it, saying he would protest against the meeting, for it was illegal, and that every man should be taxed by the rate-street, for his estate should not pay any of the cost, and called upon the people to take notice that he was against it, and would always be against it. And it was said by some, if we did not want men nor money, we did not want a Committee; and it was moved and seconded to have the Committee dismissed, and it was done accordingly.


BISTOL, ss˙, WARREN, Sept˙ 5, 1775:

The above-named Benjamin Cole and James Mason appeared before me, and being duly cautioned to speak the whole truth, made oath to the truth of the above deposition.

Before me: JOHN KINNICUT, Just˙ Peace.