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Letter from John McDonald


GENTLEMEN: In compliance with the desire of the Congress, I superintend


Mr˙ John McDonald' s proceedings of the mines, and he carefully conducted himself and labourers in working to satisfaction, and that, preceding to the 13th of August, 1776, and keeped regular accounts of the same, and has drawn a report of the appearances, the truth of which, as far as I could judge, may be depended on. As to the old Irishman, one Higgins, who, I understand, formerly applied to your Honours several times, with a sample of lead ore, proposing to be from an advantageous prospect discovered by himself, which sample of ore I found, by examination, he got from other persons, and that he had no discovery of his own, therefore do not give the least dependance to what he says relative to mines, &c˙; also, he is very disagreeable to the neighbours. I was under the necessity to employ him as a labourer, owing to the scarcity of workmen here.

I also send the account of the labourers' work, which is one hundred and nine days. Also what money I have advanced, which is £ 711s˙ 6d. I also advanced £2 to Mr˙ McDonald.

I have taken all the tools and ore, for which I gave my receipt, and shall wait your order for the delivery of them. Mr˙ McDonald' s behaviour was very agreeable to all the neighbours.

Gentlemen, I am, with respect, your very humble servant,