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Colonel Huntington to General Heath



Camp Ramapaugh, November 25, 1776.

HONOURED SIR: Every man, and I was going to say every woman, within a large circle of this place who stand for Whigs, and, for aught I know, are really such, are constantly distressing me with their fears and apprehensions from the enemy and Tories. They are confident the latter have so much knowledge of the country as to guide a body of troops any where among the mountains. Their anxiety has gone far towards intimidating some of my own troops.


A considerable part of the inhabitants between this and the enemy have been conversant with the enemy since they came to Hackensack, and have had meetings among themselves. I communicate what intelligence I get, for your information, and not because it at all appears important to your Honour' s most obedient humble servant,


General Heath.

26th. — Your order of yesterday came to hand last night at two o' clock. Colonel Tyler marched at daybreak for Toppon. I hear a large number of wagons are on the road loaded with flour from Toppon, coming this way. It is said Bergen County is to raise a regiment to join the British Army, and that one Buscart, or some such hard name, is appointed Colonel, and that they have given a specimen of their valour by shooting a Whig, one Zabriskie.