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Engagement signed by John Wilkes and John Glynn


The following is a copy of the Engagement signed by John Wilkes and John Glynn, Esquires.

We (John Wilkes and John Glynn) do solemnly promise and engage ourselves to our constituents, if we have the honour of being chosen the Representatives in Parliament of the County of Middlesex, that we will endeavour, to the utmost of our power, to restore and defend the excellent form of government modelled and established at the Revolution, and to promote acts of Legislature for shortening the duration of Parliaments; for excluding placemen and pensioners from the House of Commons; for a more fair and equal representation of the people; for vindicating the injured rights of the Freeholders of this county, and the whole body of electors of this United Kingdom; and an Act for the repeal of the four late Acts respecting America; the Quebec Act, establishing Popery, and the system of French Canadian laws in that extensive Province; the Boston Port Act; the Act for altering the Charter of the Province of Massachusetts Bay; and the Act for the trial in Europe of persons accused of criminal offences in America; being fully persuaded that the passing of such Acts will be of the utmost importance for the security of our excellent Constitution, and the restoration of the rights and liberties of our fellow-subjects in America