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New-Hampshire Congress to the Massachusetts Congress



Province of New-Hampshire, in Provincial Convention,

Exeter, May 23, 1775.

GENTLEMEN: We acknowledge the honour of an interview with your Committee, the Honourable Joseph Gerrish, Esquire, and Colonel Ebenezer Sawyer, and the intelligence by them communicated to us; and, in way of reply, would inform you, that in consideration of the present alarming state of the Colonies in general and your Province in particular, we have determined to raise, for the common defence and safety, two thousand men, including officers and those already employed in the publick service, belonging to this Province; to be raised and qualified as soon as may be, and more, if it shall appear to; be our proportion, as soon as a proper estimate can be made. And in respect to such other matters as your Committee had in commission to us, we shall take them into our serious consideration; as they are matters of so great, importance we cannot immediately determine respecting them, but would wait the advice and direction of the General Congress, to which we are about immediately to apply, as we find you have done. We would beg leave to assure you that the people of this Province appear to be heartily engaged in the common


cause, and at all hazards determined to stand by and support it, relying on Divine Providence for success.

By order of Convention:


To the Honourable Congress of Massachusetts-Bay.