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For Furnishing the Town of Marblehead with Apparatus for Eight Cannon


Resolve for furnishing the Town of MARBLEHEAD with apparatus for eight Cannon, &c˙; passed JULY 10, 1776.

Whereas this Court have granted to be supplied for the Town and Harbour of Marblehead eight pieces of Cannon, and the Commissary-General was directed to deliver the same to Mr˙ Jonathan Orne, or order, and the Commissary-General declines to deliver with said Cannon the apparatus, as Ladles, Spunges, Match Rope, Port Fires, and other articles necessary and fit for said Cannon:


It is therefore Resolved, That the Commissary be, and hereby is, directed to deliver to Mr˙ Samuel Giles, or order, such articles of the apparatus necessary for said eight pieces of Cannon, as the said Commissary has in his possession belonging to this Colony and not otherwise appropriated, he, the said Samuel Giles, to be accountable to this Court for the same.

And it is further Resolved, That Colonel Thomas Crafts be, and he is hereby, directed to deliver to the said Samuel Giles, or order, a Fieldpiece belonging to and mounted by the Town of Marblehead, and now in possession of said Colonel Crafts.