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Address presented to Governour Hutchinson


Marblehead, May 25, 1774.


To Governour HUTCHINSON:

SIR: His Majesty having been pleased to appoint his Excellency the Honourable Thomas Gage, Esquire, to be Governour and Commander-in-chief over this Province, and you (as we are informed) being speedily to embark for Great Britain, we, the subscribers, merchants, traders and others, inhabitants of Marblehead, beg leave to present you our valedictory Address on this occasion; and as this is the only way we now have of expressing to you our entire approbation of your public conduct during the time you have presided in this Province, and of making you a return of our most sincere and hearty thanks for the ready assistance which you have at all times afforded us when applied to in matters which affected our navigation and commerce, we are induced from former experience of your goodness, to believe that you will freely indulge us in the pleasure of giving you this testimony of our sincere esteem and gratitude.

In your public administration we are fully convinced, that the general good was the mark which you have ever aimed at, and we can, sir, with pleasure assure you, that it is likewise the opinion of all dispassionate thinking men within the circle of our observation, notwithstanding many publications would have taught the world to think the contrary; and we beg leave to entreat you, that when you arrive at the Court of Great Britain, you would there embrace every opportunity of moderating the resentment of the Government against us, and use your best endeavours to have the unhappy dispute between Great Britain and this country brought to a just and equitable termination. We cannot omit the opportunity of returning you, in a particular manner, our most sincere thanks for your patronizing our cause in the matter of entering and clearing vessels at the Custom House, and making the fishermen pay hospital money. We believe it is owing to your representation of the matter that we are hitherto free from that burthen.

We heartily wish you, sir, a safe and prosperous passage to Great Britain; and when you arrive there, may you find such a reception as shall fully compensate for all the insults and indignities which have been offered you.

Richard Hinkly,
Samuel Reed,
John Lee,
Robert Ambrose,
Jonathan Glover,
Richard Phillips,
Isaac Mansfield,
Joseph Bubler,
Richard Stacey,
Thomas Proctor,
John Fowle,
Robert Hooper, 3d˙,
John Prince,
George McCall,
Joseph Swasey,
Nathan Bowen,
Thomas Robie,
John Stimson,
John Webb,
Joseph Lee,
Sweet Hooper,
Henry Saunders,
Robert Hooper,
John Gallison,
Jacob Fowle,
John Pederick,
Richard Reed,
Benjamin Marston,
Samuel White,
Joseph Hooper,
John Pentice,
Robert Hooper, Jun˙,
Thomas Lewis.