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Letter from the Pennsylvania Committee of Salem County


"GENTLEMEN: In the course of our inquiry into the case of Kirkland' s escape from the jail of the city, evidence appears against John Hatton, of your County, and his son, sufficient to induce us to request you will exert your utmost endeavours to secure them. We have sent you an officer in whom we can confide, who will assist in taking him, and also bring him to this city, if you shall think it proper to send him here.

"We apprehend that Colonel Kirkland is still in your County, somewhere about Morris' s River, as it appears probable, from circumstances given in evidence before us, that he failed in his attempt to get on board of the men-of-war. We make no doubt but that you will use every means in your power to secure a man so dangerous to the liberty of this country. The reward which is offered for taking him is considerable, and perhaps may excite some, who would not from other motives, to endeavour by all means to secure him. From your attachment to the cause of liberty, we expect exertions of a more extended kind, and on more generous principles, and firmly hope your endeavours will meet with success in securing two men who are enemies to our country and dangerous spies upon our actions.

"By order of the Council:
"THOS˙ WHARTON˙ Jun˙, Chairman."