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A Letter from Guysbert Schenck and Dirck Brinkerhoff, Esquires, of Dutchess County, two of the members of the Provincial Congress, bearing date the 5th instant, and also a recommendation from many others of the respectable freeholders of Dutchess County, of which Cornelius Adriance is one, recommending Andrew Teller Lawrence for Second Lieutenant, in the stead of the said Cornelius Adriance, who declines the service, were read, and filed.

Agreed, That the said Andrew Teller Lawrence is approved of as Second Lieutenant in the Company of Troops to be under the command of Captain Lewis Dubois, and that a Warrant for that purpose shall be made as soon as the Warrant granted to the said Cornelius Adriance, on the 28th of June last, is returned to this Committee, or the Provincial Congress.