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Proceedings of the Council from June 5 to July 6


Tuesday, June 11,1776.

Met according to adjournment.

A Vote appointing Mr˙ Walker, Mr˙ Prescott, and Mr˙ Lovewell, with such as the Board should join, a Committee to examine all Accounts laid in against the Colony, and report thereon; which was read, and Mr˙ Hurd, Mr˙ Joseph Gilman, and Mr˙ John Taylor Gilman, added by the Board after concurrence.

Vote for paying Dr˙ Isaac Thom, £3 5s˙ 10d˙, for Medicines, and attendance on John Simpson and John Foster, soldiers wounded in Bunker Hill battle, brought up, read, and concurred.

Vote appointing Mr˙ Walker, Mr˙ Patten, and Mr˙ Smith, a Committee to frame and present to the House sundry Bills, brought up, read and concurred, and Mr˙ Thornton, Mr˙ Clagett, and Mr˙ Giles, added.

Vote for paying James Aiken 60s˙ for a coat lost by him in the Bunker Hill battle, brought up; which was read and concurred.


Vote for paying Joseph Greeley £6 2s˙ for nursing his son wounded in Bunker Hill battle, brought up, read and concurred.

Form of a Commission for the Chief-Justice of this Colony, brought up, read, and concurred.

A Vote appointing Samuel Cutts, Timothy Walker, and John Dudley, a Committee, with such as the Board should join to make a draught of a Declaration of the General Assembly for Independence of the United Colonies on Great Britain, brought up, read, and concurred, with this amendment, that the Committee prepare a draught, setting forth the sentiments and opinions of the Council and Assembly of this Colony relative to the United Colonies forming themselves into independent States, in order that, when passed, the same may be transmitted to our Delegates at the Continental Congress; and that Messrs˙ Hurd, Clagett, and the Secretary, be added to the Committee.

Voted, That John Taylor Gilman be joined to the Committee for examining and adjusting Accounts for and against this Colony, in the room of Captain John Emery, who is gone out of the Colony.

The President made out an Order for Samuel Ashley, Esq˙, to receive out of the Treasury £3 5s˙, for thirteen days' service in Committee of Safety, before the 17th of November, 1775.

Adjourned till tomorrow, eight o' clock, A˙ M.