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Affidavit of David Peirce


Swanzey, August 18, 1775.

I, David Peirce, of Swanzey, in the County of Bristol, &c˙, being of lawful age, testifieth and saith, that I heard Colonel Jerathmeel Bowers publickly oppose the militia of said Town to be equipped out of the Town stock, and that he has opposed the raising of minute-men in said Town. And I also heard him say, when enumerating the vast charge that would accrue for the support and maintenance of thirteen thousand men, raised for the defence of our Colony, we should not be able to pay the cost; and he believed that his cousin Clark, who was present, that his opinion was right: he being asked what it was, he said that we should not be able to pay such an army, and that they would make use of the swords put into their hands against us for their pay. And some time last May I was on the road with said Bowers, and I told him the trouble and disappointments I had met with in settling and regulating the militia of our Town; that Captain Luther Thurber had promised me, that if I could get the soldiers to sign and to choose him, he would serve as Captain; and he has now told me he is disinclined to serve. Bowers answered and said Thurber was not a man fit for Captain. I said to him, what shall we do, the greater part of the company had chose him for their leader, and as we border on a navigable river, and in danger of the enemy making depredations on us, and if they should, in that case we should be like a flock of sheep without a shepherd? He said it was no matter, when that time comes you and I will choose our officers and settle the company. And I have heard said Bowers blame some of the Committee of said Town for examining a person whose conduct had been inimical to the Constitution and interest of our Country; and Captain Robert Gibbs told me that said Bowers advised him to lie still, and not to act in our difficult affairs. Furthermore, I don' t remember I ever knew the said Bowers did any thing to encourage the regulating the militia in said Town since the unhappy dispute with our Parent Country; and it is my candid opinion that his conduct has intimidated many of our inhabitants.


BRISTOL, ss˙, WARREN, August 18,1775:

David Peirce, the above-named, personally appeared, and being cautioned to testify to the truth, made solemn oath to the truth of the above deposition.

Before me: JOHN KINNICUT, Justice Peace.