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Records or Anne Arundel County Court to be removed to-morrow


Thursday, February 22, 1776.

Council met. Present the same as yesterday, except Mr˙ Tilghman and Mr˙ Hall.

Commissions issued to James Tootell, appointed Captain, Philernon Warfield, First Lieutenant, Launcelot Warfield, Second Lieutenant, and Thomas Warfield, Ensign, of a Company of Militia in Anne Arundel County.

Also, to George Watts, appointed Captain, David Kerr, First Lieutenant, Joseph Mackubin, Second Lieutenant, and Joshua Cromwell, Ensign, of a Company of Militia in said County.

Also, to Henry Hall, appointed Captain, John Worthington, (son of Brice,) First Lieutenant, Nicholas Worthington, Jun˙, Second Lieutenant, and Gilbert Teildhall, Ensign, of a Company of Militia in said County.

Also, to Absalom Anderson, appointed Ensign of Captain


Thomas Mulliken' s Company, in said County, all belonging to the Severn Battalion.

Ordered, That the Treasurer of the Western-Shore pay to Mr˙ Robert Cummins four thousand Pounds, within a month from the 16th instant.

In consequence of the Resolve of the honourable Convention, made at Annapolis, l8th January last,

Ordered, That the Records of Anne Arundel County Court be removed to-morrow morning, if fair, if not, the first fair day, from the City of Annapolis to Mr˙ Rezin Gaither' s house, in said County, and there committed to the care of one of the Clerks of Mr˙ John Brice.

Copy of Letter No˙ 24 was sent to the Deputies of this Province in Congress.

Adjourned till next day, ten o' clock.