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Petition of the Selectmen of the Town of Townshend


To the Honourable the Congress for the Colony of the MASSACHUSETTS-BAY:

The Petition of the Selectmen of the Town of TOWNSHEND,humbly sheweth:

That when the order of Congress came to us for part of our town stock of powder, but two of our Selectmen being present they inadvertently sent the whole; by which means we are almost destitute of powder, and being called upon to keep in our horses, and to be in readiness for an engagement, we know not what to do. But being informed that there are two half barrels of powder at the Town of Ashby, if we could obtain an order of Congress for Ashby to deliver a part of that to us, we might be in a better situation; but if we could be helped any way we should think ourselves much obliged by your Honours, to which we look upon ourselves in duly bound to obey.

By order of the Selectmen:


Townshend, June 20, 1775.