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Proceedings of the Committee for Lancaster, Pennsylvania


Paxton, August 27, 1776.

Mr˙ Berryhill has been wrongly informed respecting the quantity of powder in John Harris' s possession, (of his own,) which said Harris informed Mr˙ Bowman, of Lancaster, by letter, was one-quarter cask, to wit: twenty-five pounds of gunpowder, which should be procured, if wanted, for the common defence of American liberty, though not included in the military stores of Lancaster County, nor any lead. Witness the return made when the military stores were inspected into by the said Harris and others, appointed by the Committee of said County.

And whereas it is reported that several evil-disposed persons in the frontiers of Upper Paxton township and Hanover township, above the Kittatinney Mountains, are robbing houses, frightening women and children, &c˙, the said Harris thinks it very proper that the bearer, Ludwick Gratz, appointed by the township of Upper Paxton, to apply for one-quarter cask of gunpowder at the magazine of Lancaster, and an order for about sixty or seventy pounds of lead, be delivered said Gratz by Mr˙ Carson, to save the trouble of carriage from Lancaster of said lead within mentioned, on condition that the said Gratz give security that said ammunition shall be detained in said Upper Paxton township to oppose all enemies, Tories, robbers, &c˙, when needful. And the said John Harris chooses to keep his own ammunition in store until wanted for said purposes within mentioned.


To the Committee of Correspondence and Observation, &c˙, of Lancaster County.