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Province of Georgia


In Provincial Congress, Savannah, February 10, 1776.


Whereas a Battalion upon the Continental establishment is now raising in this Province; and whereas doubts may arise, how far the same is subject to the control of the Provincial civil power: Now, therefore, be it known, and we the several subscribers, Officers bearing commissions in the said Battalion, do hereby declare, that we hold ourselves, and the non-commissioned officers and privates, and all others belonging to the said Battalion, subject and subordinate to such supreme civil powers of this Province as are, or shall be erected for the purpose of defending our rights and liberties. And further, we bind ourselves, upon the words of soldiers and men of honour, at all times to obey and carry into effect, as far as in us lies, the orders and commands of the present, or any future Congress or Council of Safety of this Province, as the same shall from time to time be issued to us. Provided nevertheless, That the same do not contradict or interfere with the orders or directions of the General Congress, or a Committee thereof, or any General, or other officer, by them appointed over us.

In witness whereof, we have hereunto set our names, together with the rank and date of our commissions opposite thereto.