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Affidavits and Testimony relating to the counterfeiting


The Examination of ELIZABETH VANDYNE, taken, this 6th day of APRIL, 1776, before the Committee of Observation for the Town of MORRIS.

This examinant saith: That the above examination, taken before Moses Tuttle, Esq˙, is true in every respect, except the number of three dollar bills, which ought to have been


called four; and this examinant further says, that Moses Tuttle, Esq˙, sent his boy and found her pocket, (mentioned in the above examination,) containing one good dollar bill, one counterfeit dollar bill, together with sundry implements which she made use of in counterfeiting the bills. The examinant further saith, that she had no assistance from any person in performing the before-mentioned counterfeits. The examinant further saith, that her husband (Henry Vandyne) at first discouraged her from attempting the counterfeiting of the bills; but after he saw in what manner they were done, and found they would pass, he encouraged her to proceed, by telling her he thought it would do as well as any.


Taken and acknowledged the day and year last above-mentioned.