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Parole of Captain Duncan Campbell


The Congress having sent down the following Resolve, this Board drew up a Parole, to be signed by Captain Campbell, which is also as follows, viz:

"In Congress, January 22, 1776.

"Resolved, That the Committee of Safety for Pennsylvania be directed to release Captain Duncan Campbell from close confinement, on parole, similar to that taken of other Officers who are prisoners. That Captain Duncan Campbell have leave to reside at Lancaster.

"Extract from the Minutes:


"I, Duncan Campbell, Captain in the Regiment of Royal Highland Emigrants, now a prisoner in the United Colonies, being enlarged from confinement, do hereby promise, upon the honour of a gentleman, to go to Lancaster, in this Province; after which, I will not go to, or near, any seaport town, nor farther than six miles from my place of residence, without leave from the Continental Congress. That I will carry on no political correspondence, whatever, on the subject of the dispute between Great Britain and these Colonies, so long as I remain a prisoner.