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Proceedings of the Inhabitants of the County of Sunbury


Copy of Resolves.

The inhabitants of the County of Sunbury, in the Province of Nova Scotia, being regularly assembled at the Meeting House in Maugerville, in said County, on Tuesday, the 14th day of May, 1776, to consult on some measures necessary to be taken for the safety of the inhabitants:

1stly. Chose Jacob Barker, Esq˙, Chairman.

2dly. Chose Jacob Barker, Israel Perley, Phineas Nevers, Esquires, and Messrs˙ Daniel Palmer, Moses Pickard, Edward Coye, Thomas Hart, Israel Kenney, Asa Kimball, Asa Perley, Oliver Perley, and Hugh Quinton, a Committee to prepare a draught proper for the proceedings of the Assembly.

The meeting then adjourned till three of the clock in the afternoon.

Being again met, the Committee reported the following Resolves, which were read; and after a second reading, the Resolves were severally put, and passed in the affirmative, unanimously:

1st. Resolved, That we can see no shadow of justice in that extensive claim of the British Parliament, viz: the right of making laws binding on the Colonies in all cases whatsoever. This system, if once established, we conceive, hath a direct tendency to sap the foundation not only of liberty, that dearest of names, but of property, that best of subjects.

2dly. Resolved, That as tyranny ought to be resisted in its first appearances, we are convinced that the United Provinces are just in their proceedings in this regard.

3dly. Resolved, That it is our minds and desire to submit ourselves to the Government of the Massachusetts Bay, and that we are ready, with our lives and fortunes, to share with them the event of our present struggle for liberty, however God in his Providence may order it.

4thly. Resolved, That a Committee be chosen, to consist of twelve men, who shall immediately make application to the Massachusetts Congress or General Assembly for relief; and that said Committee, or the major part of them, shall conduct all matters, civil or military, in this County, till further regulation be made.

5thly. Resolved, That we, and each of us, will most strictly adhere to all such measures as our said Committee, or the major part of them, from time to time prescribe for our conduct; and that we will support and defend them in this matter at the expense of our lives and fortunes, if called thereto.

6thly. Resolved, That we will immediately put ourselves in the best posture of defence in our power. That to this end, we will prevent all unnecessary use of Gunpowder, or other Ammunition in our custody.

7thly. Resolved, That if any of us shall hereafter know of any person or persons that shall, by any ways or means, endeavour to prevent or counteract this our design, we will immediately give notice thereof to the Committee, that proper measures may be taken for our safety.

8thly. Resolved, That we, and each of us, will pay our proportion of all such sums of money as may be necessary for carrying these matters into execution; and finally, that we will share in, and submit to, the event of this undertaking, however it may terminate, to the true performance of all which we bind and obligate ourselves firmly each to the other, on penalty of being esteemed enemies and traitors to our country, and submitting ourselves to popular resentment.

The whole Assembly subscribed to the foregoing Resolves.

The Body then voted:

1stly, That the above named Committee shall be a Standing Committee; to make application to the Massachusetts Congress; also, to conduct all matters, Civil or Military, in the County, till further regulations be made.

Voted, That we will have no dealings or connexions with


any person or persons for the future that shall refuse to enter into the foregoing, or similar regulations.

A true copy from the Minutes:

Dated at Maugerville, on the River St˙ John' s, May 21, 1776.