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Considered in Committee


Monday, February 13, 1775.

The House taking into consideration the state of the Debt due to this Colony from Lord Stirling, and it appearing that Mrs˙ Mary Verplank hath a mortgage upon the same Lands, prior to that given to the late Treasurer,

Ordered, That Mr˙ Fisher, Mr˙ Crane, and Mr˙ Lawrence, or any two of them, do wait on Lord Stirling, and endeavour to procure security for the Debt due to the Colony.

The House again, according to order, resolved itself into a Committee of the Whole House, on the Petition to his Majesty; and, after some time spent therein, Mr˙ Speaker resumed the Chair, and Mr˙ Fisher, Chairman of the Committee, reported that the Committee have gone through


the said Petition, and made several amendments thereto, which he was ready to report whenever the House would please to receive the same.

Ordered, That the Report be made immediately:

Whereupon Mr˙ Fisher reported the said Petition and amendments, which, being read and agreed to by the House; on the question,

Ordered, That the same be engrossed.

Mr˙ Fisher and Mr˙ Lawrence reported that they had waited on Lord Stirling, pursuant to the order of the House, who informed them that he could not give the Province other security, unless a general mortgage, but that in four or five months the matter should be settled.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Fisher and Mr˙ Eldridge do go to the Council and inquire whether they have any business before them; if not, that this House proposes to apply to his Excellency for a dismission.

Mr˙ Fisher reported that Mr˙ Eldridge and himself went to the Council, according to order, who said they had no business before them.