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Philadelphia Committee Order to the Association of the Butchers


Philadelphia, December 5, 1774.

We whose names are underwritten, Butchers in the City and Suburbs of Philadelphia, being fully convinced that every thing we hold dear depends on the faithful execution of the Resolves of the Congress; and being desirous of supporting them as far as lies in our power, and of contributing our utmost endeavours in the present important struggle; and being glad of having an opportunity to show our zeal and attachment to the liberties of our country, we hope on this and every other occasion, when our greatest temporal blessings are in danger of being torn from us, to be able, in order to preserve them, cheerfully to sacrifice


every inferiour consideration of private interest or convenience. The recommendation of the Committee appearing to us the best method of carrying into execution the Resolves of the Congress for improving the breed of Sheep, and increasing their number, we do solemnly agree and pledge ourselves to the publick, that we will not hereafter purchase any Ewe Mutton or Lamb, until the first day of May next; nor any Ewe Lamb from the said first day of May until the first day of October following; nor will we after the first day of January, kill any Ewe Mutton or Lamb, on any account or pretence whatever, until the first day of May following; nor any Ewe Lamb whatever, from the said first day of May until the first of October following; and will at any time in future, during our struggle for our rights and liberties, be ready to comply with such further regulations as the Committee may think necessary for the preservation of the stock of Sheep, as witness our hands.

Signed by Sixty-six.

Extract from the Minutes of the Committee for the City and Liberties of Philadelphia.