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Resolutions by the Committee of Tryon County to the New-York Congress.


"In Tryon County Committee Chamber, August 26, 1775.

Resolved and Agreed, unanimously, That the following new chosen Members, by the freeholders and inhabitants of Palatine District, adjoining the old Committee, agreeable to a late advertisement, dated the 12th instant, shall be admitted and sworn by the oath formerly prescribed by the General Committee, viz: John Eisenlord, Christian Nelles, William Fox, Jr˙, John James Clock, sworn this day.

Resolved, That if any disputes, trespasses, or other misdemeanors, in civil matters, should arise among neighbours, freeholders, inhabitants and residents within our County, the same shall be determined and decided by three Members of the Committee of such District where the case shall exist, but if the Members are too distant, then by one of the Committee, and a jury of six freeholders, chosen by the parties themselves, or, if the parties cannot agree, chosen by said Member of the Committee, within such District, where the disputes and disorders arose — the case not exceeding five Pounds, New-York currency.


"Resolved, That the damages and forfeitures, as well as the costs of suit by such trials, shall be recovered by distraining goods and chattels, in manner as provided in the acts of Assembly; but in want of goods and chattels, the transgressor shall be brought before the Committee of his District, where and by whom he shall be sentenced.

A true copy: JOHN EISENLORD, Committee Clerk."