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Resolution of Petition


The Committee appointed to take into consideration a Petition from the Committees of Gouldsborough, Narraguagus, Number-Four, and Pleasant River, having conferred with Captain Alexander Campbell, as referred to in said Petition, reported. Read and accepted.


Resolved, That one Company of fifty Men, including Officers, be raised and stationed in the Towns of Goulsborough, Narraguagus, Number-Four, and Pleasant River, and to be on the same establishment as those already raised in the County of Lincoln, to the eastward of St˙ George' s; and that they be supplied with one hundred pounds of Powder, five hundred Flints, and Ball equivalent; and that the Powder, Balls and Flints be transported to Falmouth, in the County of Cumberland, at the expense of this Colony; and that the abovementioned articles be delivered to Captain Campbell, for the use of said Company when raised, Captain Campbell, with the other Petitioners, to be accountable to this Court for the same.

In Council, August 19, 1775: Read and concurred.