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John Birdsey and Gershom Birdsey Published as Enemies



In Committee of Inspection, Middletown, August 2, 1776.

It was resolved by this Committee that no Sheep be killed in this town; that is to say, Ewes under five, nor other Sheep under four years old.

Mr˙ John Birdsey was cited before this Committee on a charge of depreciating the Continental Paper Currency, and also Mr˙ Gershom Birdsey was cited to appear for the same offence; but the said Gershom showed contempt in refusing to appear, and the charge appearing very probable, it was resolved by this Committee that the said John and Gershom Birdsey are guilty of a breach of a late law of the honourable Continental Congress. Therefore,

Resolved, That they be advertised in the Hartford Courant, as enemies to their country, and excluded from all trade and intercourse with the inhabitants of the United States of America.

Mr˙ Elijah Burr was brought before this Committee upon a charge of selling Bohea Tea for more than three-fourths of a dollar per pound; which he confessed, and offered the following confession, viz:

Whereas I, the subscriber, was brought before the Committee of Inspection for Middletown, upon a charge of selling Bohea Tea at a higher rate than three-fourths of a dollar per pound, and found guilty: I am sorry for my offence, and will restore to all persons from whom I have taken more the overplus, if they will appear to demand the same within one month from this date, and for the future will demean myself


in all things, agreeable to the resolutions of the honourable the Continental Congress. Witness my hand in Middletown, the 2d day of August, 1776.


Which was voted satisfactory, and the said Burr recommended to the favour of the publick.

Extract from the Minutes of the Committee.