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Counsellors Chosen, Secretary Appointed


Saturday, January 6, 1776.

The House met according to adjournment.

Voted, That the last Book of Records of the Court of Probate be returned to William Parker, Esq˙, in order for him to complete the Records.

Voted, That the several Muster-Rolls of Captain Salter and Captain Daniel be paid agreeable to the Return of the Committee for examining Muster-Rolls, stopping out such stoppages as are mentioned in their report thereon.

Voted, That the Matrosses under command of Captain Salter and Captain Daniel be paid off monthly for the future.

Voted, That the Account of the Selectmen of Northampton, amounting to seven Pounds nineteen Shillings, (for Blankets,) be paid.

Voted, That the Treasurer and Deacon Samuel Brooks be a Committee to receive and pay off for all the Blankets that may be collected in this Colony for the Continental Army, and to make report thereof to this House.

Then the House proceeded to choose twelve Counsellors for this Colony; and voted that the Hon˙ Meshech Weare, Esq˙, be first Counsellor for this Colony; the Hon˙ Matthew Thornton, Esq˙, second; William Whipple, Esq˙, third; Josiah Bartlett, Esq˙, fourth; Nathaniel Folsom, Esq˙, fifth, Counsellors for the County of Rockingham; Thomas Westbrook Waldron, Esq˙, sixth; and Ebenezer Thompson, Esq˙, seventh, for the County of Strafford; Wyseman Clagett, Esq˙, eighth; and Jonathan Blanchard, Esq˙, ninth, for the County of Hillsborough; Samuel Ashley, Esq˙, tenth; and Benjamin Giles, Esq˙, eleventh, for the County of Cheshire; and John Hurd, Esq˙, twelfth, for the County of Grafton, for the current year.

Voted, That Ebenezer Thompson, Esq˙, be Secretary for this Colony for the current year.

Then the honourable the Council and Secretary left the House.

Whereupon the House voted that Clement March, Esq˙, be Chairman of this House pro tempore.

Voted, That Samuel Cutts, Esq˙, have an Order on the Treasury for three hundred Pounds, to be by him accounted for.

Adjourned to Monday next, three o' clock, afternoon.