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Town Meeting at Providence, in Rhode-Island


At a Town Meeting held at Providence, on the 31st day of August, 1774, called by a warrant,

The Honourable DARIUS SESSIONS, chosen Moderator:

Whereas, on the evening of the 30th August, instant, a number of persons imprudently and tumultuously assembled themselves together in a manner that did disturb the peace and order of the town, and as such proceedings are of evil example, and repugnant to the good and wholesome laws of this town and Colony, which if executed we deem sufficient to support the quiet and tranquillity thereof; and such doings being ever derogatory to the honour of the town, and subversive of our rights and liberties to their very foundation, this town do protest against such proceedings, and desire the Civil Magistrates therein to exert themselves to their utmost to prevent and suppress all such unhappy disturbances in future, in doing which they may rely upon the aid and support of the freemen and well-disposed inhabitants of this town at all times.

Voted, That this Vote be published (together with the Resolve of yesterday) in the next Providence Gazette.

The meeting was then dissolved.

JONA˙ ARNOLD, Deputy Clerk.