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Representation of Nathaniel Barber


Petition of Nathaniel Barber, setting forth: That he had had the honour of laying before you the state of the North Battery in this Town; since which he found two pieces of Cannon, (twelve-pounders,) have been taken from that dismantled Fortress; and on inquiry, find Mr˙ Nathaniel Barber, blacksmith, has taken them by order of Commissary Devens, and Assistant Quartermaster-General Frazer. Thought it my duty to give you this information. Likewise to acquaint your Honours, that at a meeting of the Committee of Inspection, held at Boston, the 9th instant, he was appointed to receive certificates of goods, landed in this town, and to grant permissions to take on board merchandise to be exported, taking securities for their not being carried to the enemies of America. In the first part of this business he has acted, but has not as yet granted any permissions, and thinks he cannot till the further directions of the honourable Court. As many vessels from different parts are daily expected, he humbly hopes such directions will immediately be issued; and as he has tarried in town upon expense, humbly craves the favour of your Honours that he may be appointed, promising faithfully to observe such rules and directions as you shall please to order. And as there is such an appointment in Philadelphia, hopes your Honours will take into consideration as soon as possible, as it will be of great service to this devoted town. It will expedite business, which, under the present circumstances of the town, ought not to be retarded.

Read, and committed to Colonel Norton, Colonel Williams, and Mr˙ Nye, with James Otis and Caleb Cushing, Esquires.