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Horation Gates to General Washington



Traveller' s Rest, June 20, 1775.

DEAR GENERAL: Last night I was honoured, by the receipt of your obliging letter of 17th instant. I shall obey


your commands with all possible expedition, and hope to be in Philadelphia Thursday next, and wish earnestly to find you there. I must take the liberty to entreat it of you, not to leave the Congress until you are provided, not only with all the powers, but all the means their power can bestow. If it is indispensably necessary you should leave Philadelphia before I get there, I hope to find with Colonel Harrison your positive and particular commands, in regard to any business you may leave unsettled behind you. The request for the riflemen was well received in this Province, and in Maryland. Major Stevenson commands or of the companies from hence, and I believe Captain Morgan the other, both excellent for the service. Colonel Cresap told me on Monday morning that his son had eighty riflemen ready to march; those go for one of the companies from Maryland. Immediately upon the arrival of your express, I despatched your packets to your brother and Colonel Stephen. If their answers don' t come in half an hour, I will bring them with me.

My grateful thanks are most respectfully due to the Congress, for the very handsome manner in which they conferred their commission.

I will not intrude more upon that time which is now so precious to you, only to assure you I will not lose a moment in paying you my personal attendance.

With the greatest respect for your character, and the sincerest attachment to your person, I am, dear General, your most faithful and obedient humble servant,