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Baltimore County Committee



In Committee, November 13, 1775.

It appearing that the price of Salt has been extended beyond the limits formerly fixed by this Committee, and that much uneasiness has been thereby occasioned among the people; the Committee therefore are induced to take the same under consideration, and, after allowing a storage and loss of measure equal to so bulky and wasting a commodity, do recommend it to the venders not to sell the same above the rate of four Shillings per bushel; and if any higher price has hitherto been given, the purchasers are desired to call on those from whom they bought it for the overplus; and if any sellers refuse to refund, then to complain to the Committee, who do resolve, that if any sellers refuse to comply with the requisition, that then they shall be immediately published as enemies to their Country.

The Continental Congress having recommended that adventures be made for procuring Arms and Ammunition, and it being necessary that a particular Committee be appointed to superintend the loading:

Resolved, That Messrs˙ Samuel Purviance, John Smith, William Buchanan, Benjamin Griffith, Isaac Griest, Thomas Gist, Sen˙, and Darby Lux, be a Committee for that purpose, and that they be on oath to keep their proceedings secret.