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Letter from Thomas Mumford to Governour Trumbull



Groton, August 8, 1776.

HONOURABLE SIR: As one of the Selectmen and Civil Authority of this town, yours of the 1st instant was delivered to me, requesting our influence and exertion in forwarding the inlisting of the troops lately ordered by this Colony. I have shown it to such of the Authority and Selectmen as I have seen; a number of whom desired I would inform your Honour what methods we had previously taken to encourage and forward the raising said troops.

I therefore take the liberty to inform you that a number of us advanced to the amount of fifteen dollars to each volunteer


that would immediately inlist, besides which, I engaged myself to supply the families of any such needy volunteers with provisions during their absence; and if, when they returned, they were unable to pay, I would freely give what I had so advanced. This is all the encouragement we could think of offering.

The number that have inlisted into our fort, and what have gone otherwise into the service, has left us very bare of men. Scarce any are to be hired now for common necessary service.

I am, with great esteem and respect, your Honour' s most obedient and very humble servant,

To the Hon˙ Jona˙ Trumbull, Esq.