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Letter from the Joint Committees of Boston and the neighbouring Towns


The following is a copy of a Letter which was sent to every Town and District in this Province:

Boston, September 27, 1774.

GENTLEMEN: The Committees of Correspondence of this and several of the neighbouring towns, have taken into


consideration the vast importance of withholding from the troops now here, labour, straw, timber, slitwork, boards, and in short, every article excepting provisions, necessary for their subsistence; and being under a necessity from their conduct of considering them as real enemies, we are fully satisfied that it is our bounden duty to withhold from them every thing but what mere humanity requires; and therefore we must beg your close and serious attention to the enclosed resolves, which were passed unanimously. And as unanimity in all our measures in this day of severe trial is of the utmost consequence, we do earnestly recommend your co-operation in this measure, as conducive to the good of the whole. We are, &c˙,your friends and fellow-countrymen.

Signed by order of the Joint Committee.