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Edict by the King of Denmark



Copenhagen, October 4, 1775.

An edict has been published here, prohibiting the exportation of warlike stores, and other articles of commerce serving for military armaments, to the Danish Colonies, of which the following is a translation:

"We, Christian the Seventh, by the grace of God, King of Denmark and Norway, &c˙, &c˙, &c. Whereas His Majesty the King of Great Britain has desired us to forbid our subjects giving any manner of assistance to the inhabitants of North-America, who are engaged in open war against England, and we are disposed to comply with this friendly requisition: therefore we will and enjoin, by these presents, all our subjects, whether traders or others, not to presume, till our pleasure be farther made known, to send, for the purpose of traffick, either for their own account or that of others, unto our Islands and Colonies in America, on board ships carrying our flag, or provided with our sea passports, any Ammunition or other commodities whatever, serving for warlike armaments and considered as articles of trade, or to take part in any such contraband trade, which is disagreeable to us, and liable to many misfortunes to themselves; the whole on pain of arbitrary and severe punishment for those who shall presume to infringe this our gracious ordinance.

To which all and singular our Custom-House officers in our Kingdoms of Denmark and Norway, and in our Principalities, as also our Governour-General, Regency, and Council, in our West-India Islands, are respectfully to conform themselves; and by so doing will be indemnified for all damages.

Given under our royal hand and seal, in our Royal Castle of Fredensburgh, the fourth of October, 1775.


Countersigned, Moltke˙ Praetorius˙ Erichsen˙ Trant."