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Letter from Tryon County (New-York) Committee to General Schuyler



Tryon County Committee Chamber,
January 11, 1776.

HONOURABLE SIR: We have intelligence, by an inhabitant of Kingsborough, (as by the enclosed copies of affidavits will at large appear ,) that inimical preparations are undertaking against the friends of the American cause in Johnstown, and, also, an ambuscade being in wait in the woods not very distant from Kingsborough, so that they may be warned to approach, and to attack with cannon-shot; to which, yet, should join the several friends of the Government within our country. We immediately, upon this information, ordered sufficient scouting parties, to spy out whether any such malicious schemes were enterprised. But, in case to be certain, you must see us in such a defenceless situation that we hardly can resist, much less destroy, such enemies, for the utmost want of powder.

We, therefore, resolved, at our Board, to apply, in such remarkable need, to your Honour, begging that you will please to take these, our distressed condition, into kind consideration, and to succour us, as soon as possible, with such ammunition, and, also, with men, if need should require. Relying on your particular zeal for our country' s cause, we do not doubt you will grant our request to the safety of our country and the real friends of its liberties.

You will be pleased to favour us with your opinion, in this important matter, with despatch; remaining, with much respect, honourable sir, your obedient, humble servants,

By order of the Committee:

ISAAC PARIS, Chairman.

P˙ S. It is our opinion that we cannot expect much success against such enemies in Johnstown without cannon, as they are provided there alike. Pray order two or three of nine-pounders to be sent to our use for that purpose.

This moment, being about one o' clock, after midnight, arrived at our House of Convention, Colonel Frederick Vischer, of the Mohawk District, and informs us, that, he


was acquainted, of a credible person living in Johnstown, that there are now about six or seven hundred men ready, under arms, in Johnstown, upon some inimical intent, without doubt.

ISAAC PARIS, Chairman.

To Major-General Schuyler.