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June 13


In Committee of Safety, June 13, 1776.

Present: James Biddle, Owen Biddle, Thomas Wharton, Jun˙, Samuel Howell, Daniel Roberdeau, James Mease, Robert White.

By order of the Board Robert Towers, Commissary, was directed to deliver to Mr˙ Clement Biddle; or his order, three tons of Saltpetre, and half a ton of Sulphur, to be manufactured into Gunpowder at the Continental Powder-Mills.

By order of the Board Robert Towers; Commissary, was directed to deliver Jacob Lush one ton of Saltpetre, to be manufactured into Gunpowder.

Colonel John Shee this day made application to the Board for thirty Provincial Fire-locks and Bayonets, for which he will give thirty Gun-locks and pay the difference of the value. The Committee, desirous of forwarding the service, do

Resolve, That Colonel Shee do retain thirty Fire-locks out of the number lent him by this Committee, he paying the difference between the Gun-locks and the Fire-locks, Bayonets, and Belts, so retained.

Adjourned to seven o' clock this evening.

7 o' clock P˙ M˙ — The following Members met: James Mease, Chairman, Samuel Howell, Daniel Roberdeau, Samuel Hunter, George Clymer, Owen Biddle, David Rittenhouse, Benjamin Bartholomew, John Montgomery.

Upon application of the Secret Committee of Congress for a quantity of Lead for the use of the Lower Counties, by order of the Board Robert Towers, Commissary, was directed to deliver to the order of the said Committee two tons of Lead; which is to be charged to account of Congress.

Upon application of Colonel Timothy Matlack, an Order was given Robert Towers, Commissary, to deliver him fifty Haversacks and as many Canteens, provided there is so many in his possession belonging to this Board, taking a receipt for the same.

Robert Morris, Esq˙, Vice-President of this Board, gave directions to Robert Towers, Commissary, to deliver twenty-six


Muskets and Bayonets to Captain Robert Hardie, for the use of the Guard-Boats sent down with Fire-Rafts. Also, an Order to Captain Greenway to deliver four of the Muskets in his Boat to complete the complement of six to each Boat.

Resolved, That the said orders of the Vice-President be confirmed by this Board.

Resolved, That Lieutenant Richard Began, the Second, and Lieutenant George Ball, now Prisoners at Germantown, be removed from thence to the Town of York, and that the Committee of that County take the usual parole of them, and procure them suitable boarding and lodging, and that the said Committee pay for their subsistence 15s˙ for each, and draw on this Board for the same.

Upon application of Colonel Samuel Miles for a sum of Money for the use of the Battalions under his command, by order of the Board an Order was drawn in his favour on Michael Hillegas, Esq˙, for £1,000.