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In Congress, Tuesday, February 6, 1776.

The Congress met.

And the Journal of yesterday was read.

Resolved, That the Council of Safety do forthwith cause the Marsh and Hog-Island Creek Channels, in Charlestown Harbour, to be so effectually stopped as to prevent the passage of Ships-of-War through either; and that they do also cause such land-marks as they shall think proper to be so removed or disguised as to render the passage over the bar as difficult as possible.

Resolved, That three thousand Bills, each of the denomination of fifty Pounds, be stamped and signed, in lieu of thirty thousand Bills, each of the denomination of five Pounds, heretofore resolved to have been stamped and signed.

Ordered, That the Commissioners formerly appointed do cause the said three thousand Bills, each of the denomination of fifty Pounds, to be stamped, signed, and lodged in the Colony Treasury, with all possible despatch.

The Letter from Major Williamson, of the 29th past, read in Congress on the 3d Instant, the consideration whereof had been postponed, was now again read.

And the following Resolution and Orders were passed in consequence thereof:

Resolved, That Patrick Cunningham, Hugh Brown, and Thomas Edghill, now in custody of Major Williamson, be forthwith sent to Charlestown, to be committed to the common jail; that John York, Major Joseph Robinson, Captain Hendricks, Henry O' Neal, and Euan M' Laurin, be also sent to Charlestown as soon as they can be taken and secured; and that Andrew Cunningham, John Evans, and William Evans, also in the custody of Major Williamson, may be discharged.

Ordered, That Colonel Thomas do take proper measures for apprehending and securing John York above-mentioned.

Ordered, That a Letter be written to Major Williamson, transmitting to him the Resolutions of Congress respecting the Prisoners at Fort-Charlotte; and ordering that he do suspend the disarming the Insurgents until the Congress shall make further order thereon.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Arthur Middleton, Major Pinckney, Colonel Richardson, Major Mayson, Mr˙ Salvador, Mr˙ Rapley, Colonel Gervais, Colonel Thomas, and Mr˙ Woods, be, and they are hereby appointed, a Committee to inquire into the state of the interior parts of the Colony lately in commotion; to consider what measures are proper to be pursued to preserve the peace, and secure the safety, and to prevent future commotions therein; and also to consider of the cases of the State Prisoners, and to report what measures might be pursued with respect to them.

Resolved, That Colonel Powell and Colonel Richardson do retain such of the men of their respective Regiments now in town, and who may hereafter arrive, as are or shall be willing to remain on duty here for one month, respectively; that they do discharge the remainder of their Detachments; and that the horses of such as shall so stay be sent home, and brought back, at the charge of the publick.

Resolved, That a sum not exceeding twenty thousand Pounds, currency, be forthwith placed in the hands of Colonel Richard Richardson, to be by him applied to discharge the pay due to such of the men under his command who were with him on the late expedition, as stand most immediately in need thereof.

And a Warrant was issued accordingly.

Ordered, That all the absent Members be summoned to attend their duty in Congress.

Adjourned to nine o' clock to-morrow.