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Letter from Maryland Council of Safety to Colonel Hughes



[No˙ 199˙] Annapolis, October 2, 1776.

SIR: In yours of the 22d of September last you inform us that Colonel Hollingsworth would call on us in a day or two, and that by him we should have an opportunity of sending the commissions and cash wrote for by you. We had ourselves reason to expect that gentleman down, as we had requested he would attend us on business of importance; but we have been disappointed, as he has not appeared. Your letter to the Convention of the 1st instant, informing them of your not receiving any answer from this Board, and applying to them, has been laid by them before us, and we are much surprised at the application, as attention was and would have been paid to your letter, had Colonel Hollingsworth, agreeable to your expectation, come here. As soon as a safe hand, with whom we could entrust the money, made application from you, it has been immediately sent.

Mr˙ Hartshorne brings you up five hundred and seventy pounds, for the purchase of arms, blankets, payment of subsistence money, and remainder of bounty money, a sum judged sufficient, but if it should fall short a further sum will be sent you on transmitting the accounts of the expenditure of the moneys already sent. Mr˙ Hartshorne has an order for cartouch-boxes, haversacks, and canteens, at Baltimore, and what tents may be ready there. If more are wanting, and you can get them made with you, the cash will be furnished on requisition. If you can buy materials for them they can be made at Baltimore. We are, &c.

To Colonel Hughes.