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M. S. Mumford to Jonathan Trumbull, Jr.



New London, June 14, 1775.

DEAR SIR: A master of one of my vessels (Capt˙ Chester) is this instant arrived from Philadelphia. He left Friday last, and reports the arrival there of a ship from London, on board of which was Major Skene, bound for Quebeck; that on the Banks of Newfoundland they spoke a vessel, which informed them we had taken possession of Ticonderoga, which disconcerted them to that degree, that the Captain of the ship thought it unsafe to proceed to Quebeck; therefore, as the Philadelphians are Friends, they thought themselves safer there than in any of the Colonies. On their arrival there the Major was put under guard by order of the Congress. They find the ship has on board seventy chests of arms, containing three thousand five hundred, which were likewise secured, and a Committee from the Congress were examining the letters found on the Major, &c˙, though he had hove overboard some of consequence. I think this acquisition of consequence to us. I wish we could thus secure a thousand such.

My most respectful wishes attend his Honour our Governour, to whom please to communicate this intelligence, as it may be depended on.

I am, dear Sir, your very humble servant,


Mr˙ Jonathan Trumbull, Jun˙