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Five hundred thousand dollars sent to the Paymaster-General


Saturday, November 23, 1776.

A Letter, of the 19th and 21st, from General Washington, was read:

Resolved, That 500,000 Dollars be sent to the Paymaster-General:

That 250,000 Dollars be sent to Richard Dallam, Esq.

Resolved, That a Committee of Five be appointed, with full powers, to devise and execute measures for effectually reinforcing General Washington, and obstructing the progress of General Howe' s Army; and that they be directed to proceed immediately on this business.

The Members chosen, Mr˙ Wilson, Mr˙ Smith, Mr˙ Chase, Mr˙ Clymer, and Mr˙ Stockton.

Resolved, That the Board of War be directed to order the Virginia Battalion, on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, and the two Pennsylvania Battalions, commanded by Colonel Mackay and Colonel Cooke, to march, with all possible expedition, the former to Philadelphia, and the two latter by the nearest route to Brunswick, in New-Jersey, or to join General Washington wherever he may be; and that the said Board is empowered to use every means in their power to expedite the march of these Troops; and they are ordered to attend immediately to this business.

In order the better to oppose the progress of General Howe' s Army,

Resolved, That General Washington be directed forthwith to order, under his immediate command, such of the forces, now in the Northern Department, as have been raised in the States of Pennsylvania and New-Jersey, and that the Commanding Officer in the Northern Department be directed to apply to the Legislatures of the Eastern States, to afford him such assistance as they may stand in need of.

Resolved, That General Washington be directed to propose to General Howe, an exchange of William Franklin, Esq˙, late Governour of New-Jersey, for Brigadier-General Thompson.

The Committee of Treasury reported, that there is due,

To the Committee of Northampton County, and to be paid to Jesse Jones, for sundry supplies of Provisions, Wagons, &c˙, to the Militia on their march to New-Jersey, and for supplies to Prisoners and Continental Troops, the sum of 1,337 54-90th Dollars:

To John Ashbe, for a Wagon, Horses, and a Negro Man, his property, lost in the service of the States at New-York, the sum of 786 60-90th Dollars:

To John Cox, for eight Rifle Guns, supplied by Edward Snicker, for the use of Captain Gabriel Long' s Company, of Virginia Riflemen, 146 60-90th Dollars:

To Lieutenants Bogart and Ball, two Prisoners of the British Navy, and to be paid to James Smith, Esq˙, for their allowance, from 9th July to 19th November, 1776, inclusive, 19 weeks, at 2 Dollars a week, 76 Dollars:

To Brigadier-General Armstrong, for his pay and rations, from 1st March to 23d November, instant, inclusive, and his travelling expenses to and from South-Carolina, 1,781 63-90th Dollars:

To Dr˙ David Jameson, for sundry medicines and attendance to sick Soldiers of Captain Grier' s Company, and Captain Nelson' s Company, in Continental service, the sum of 290 24-90th Dollars:

To Colonel Jeremiah Dugan, for sundry supplies to the


Army in Canada, for which he has now produced a voucher, the want of which prevented the same being reported the 19th of August last, the sum of 484 73-90th Dollars:

To the Board of War, for Richard Dallam, Esq˙, Deputy Paymaster-General, his draft, dated New-Brunswick, the 21st instant, in favour of Colonel Clement Biddle, Deputy Quartermaster-General, the sum of 10,000 Dollars:

That there should be paid to Richard Bache, Esq˙, Postmaster-General, as an advance, for the use of the Post Office, 2,666 60-90th Dollars:

Ordered, That the said sums be paid.

Resolved, That by any thing heretofore done, it is not intended to prejudice or strengthen the right or claim of the United States, or any of them, to any Lands in America, nor to determine in what proportion or manner the expenses of the war shall be raised or adjusted, except as to the first Three Millions of Dollars emitted by Congress, and a farther emission of Three Millions of Dollars, on December 26, 1775.

Resolved, That 20,000 Dollars be advanced to the Commissioners appointed by the Convention of Maryland, to raise their quota of Troops; they to be accountable.

The several matters to this day referred being postponed,

Adjourned to ten o' clock on Monday.